Hell Fire Kika Keyboard Theme

An upgraded keyboard theme that gives you some cool visuals with colorful green flames


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  • Category Personalization
  • Program license Free
  • Version 31.0
  • Size 4 MB
  • Works under: Android
  • Program available in English
  • Content rating Everyone
  • Package name com.ikeyboard.theme.hellfire
  • Program by Fun Keyboard Theme for Android
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The Hellfire Kika Keyboard Theme is a free theme that you can download and use on a device to change the look of your keyboard. Though it requires that you already have the Kika keyboard downloaded, it's easy to use and comes with some nice additions.

Designed for those who like the darker things in life, this theme uses a dark black shade with the addition of bright green flames and skulls. That color is so bright that it almost looks like neon. As you send messages and type on your phone, you'll see the skulls and flames bouncing around behind the keyboard. Those graphics are quite impressive but will not get in the way of your typing.

On the bottom left of your screen is a small skull that gives you access to all your emojis. While you can still use the classic smiley face and any other emojis already on your phone, this keyboard theme gives you more than 800 new options. You'll find funny and cute graphics such as Santa and reindeer that you can use around the holidays and dark and twisted graphics that mimic the keyboard theme. Adding any of those emojis to your text is as easy as clicking on one and then sending your message.

If you want to customize your keyboard, you'll discover that this theme gives you some good options. It allows you to change the size of your keyboard and make the keys larger, which will keep you from accidentally pressing the wrong one. You can also change the layout of the keys to find the right one as you type.

Installing this keyboard theme is easy too. You simply open the keyboard and choose the Kika option. It's then a simple matter of selecting your language and picking this theme from the options listed. With more than 100 languages to choose from, you'll have no problem finding the right one for you. If you decide that you want a different theme, you can easily access the theme center to pick a different theme. Each theme comes with the same stickers and emojis and different backgrounds. You can even use a photo that you took as your background. Kika will protect your identity and save your private data if you select this option. With predictive text, a feature that automatically corrects your spelling and some great emojis, the Hellfire Kika Keyboard Theme is a great little package for Kika users.


  • Includes unique fonts and stickers you can use with texts
  • Comes with more than 800 new and different emojis
  • Gives you access to other Kika themes
  • Auto correct keeps you from making common spelling mistakes
  • Privacy protects your data and photos


  • Can interfere with the charging of your device
  • May make your battery drain faster than it should
  • Is not compatible with all devices
  • Requires that you already have the Kika keyboard

1. Optimized application performance and loading speed.

2. Solved experience bug(some users could not download keyboard engine).

3. Optimized application interface interaction, better visual appearance, easier operation and faster typing.

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